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by Drax

ADJA Supports Midwest DJs Live!

The ADJA is once again a primary sponsor of The Midwest DJs Live event to be held in Minn. This month.  The ADJA is the leader is DJ education.  No other group does more to support DJs than The American Disc Jockey Association.  This year ADJA Regional Leader Mitch Taylor will be presenting a brand new seminar.  If your in the upper Midwest, you really should check out Midwest DJs Live.  There will be a special memberhip incentive at the meeting if your not an ADJA member as well as discounts on The Las Vegas DJ Show in Sept.   Be sure to get involved today!

by Drax

The Las Vegas DJ Show is Rockin’ it with Amazing Content

Once again The Las Vegas DJ Show kills it with incredible content to help working DJs to build & Grow their business. This year it is a veritable pantheon of killer presenters. The very best & brightest from inside & outside the industry are gathering in Las Vegas Sept. 7th -10th to sup at the well of knowledge. If your looking to build your business be sure you click the link above & get signed up before pass prices go up. This is one show you won’t want to miss.


by Drax

ADJA Supports Regional Conferences!

This past Week the ADJA supported not one but two regional conferences. The ADJA leads the way in supporting smaller regional conferences.  We support more local & regional events than any other organization.

The first event was the Disc Jockey News conclave 4.0.  This was a great event where DJs in the upper midwest  US came together to learn & to network.  The ADJA was a Gold Sponsor of this event & donated prizes to the drawing.

The second event was the SNAPDJ All Star Event.  This was held in Easton MA.  The ADJA was again a Gold Sponsor for this event providing support as well as prizes for the drawing.  Once again ADJA is everywhere DJs are gathering.  ADJA is the content leader in educating DJs in the USA.

by Drax

The Las Vegas DJ Show Kills it Once Again!

With record setting attendance of over 900 coupled with over 70 exhibitors, making The Las Vegas DJ Show the biggest show floor in Las Vegas for DJs We just had to share the feedback we got from this years attendees.

Well the jury is in!  The verdict has been read.  The Las Vegas DJ Show kills it once again!  DJs that have attended the Las Vegas DJ Show & other shows have responded with the following views. 

83% felt that the presentations at The Las Vegas DJ Show were above average or Excellent as compared to other DJ Shows.
82% felt that Breakfast with the Gamemaster was above average or Excellent in value.  You can ONLY attend Breakfast With The GameMaster at The Las Vegas DJ Show.
90% loved the idea of advanced premium workshops connected to The Las Vegas DJ Show.
70% love the fact that we provided a networking area that was quiet, not one on the show floor,  for you to sit down & network with colleagues.
78% stated that the LVH was a way better hotel than other DJ Shows offered.
81% of the attendees responding bought something from an exhibitor at the show.
62% of attendees responding also indicated that they would be buying something from a show exhibitor this year.
90% of attendees indicated that the love the innovation that the Las Vegas DJ Show provides.
85% loved the VIP nights at MARQUEE & LAVO.  The Las Vegas DJ Show pioneered VIP nights out at the cities hottest clubs.  We were first & still the best at innovative entertainment.

What does all of this mean for you? That The Las Vegas DJ Show is the show that brings the heat & brings the value.  Why pay more for a DJ Show pass & get LESS?  When you can get your pass right now for the Las Vegas DJ Show for $49, why spend hundreds more for less?  Set your plans to attend the 2014 Las Vegas DJ Show.  Get your passes today at Unlike other shows our passes are fully transferrable.  Check us out on Facebook.  Ask anyone that has attended what they thought of the show.  We’ll stand by that.  You have our word on it.




by Drax

ADJA Inducts DJ Skribble into The Hall of Fame

At The Las Vegas DJ Show, during the ADJA national Meeting, DJ Skribble was inducted into the ADJA DJ Legends of Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.  We are pleased to recognize the hardest working DJ in the United States as a part of a select group of DJs that have made outstanding contributions to DJ Industry.  To read more go to Hall of Fame.


by Drax

ADJA Awards in Las Vegas

The ADJA at it’s National meeting awarded 3 awards to members of ADJA.

First was the Michael Butler Humanitarian Award.  Our winner was Mitch Taylor.  You can read more at”Michael Butler Award“.

Second was our Chapter Of The Year.  This year the winner was the Bay Area Chapter.  You can read more about that at “Chapter of the Year Award“.

Lastly was the Peter Merry Leadership Award.  Our winner was ADJA member Scott Faver.  To read more about it go to “Peter Merry Leadership Award“.






by Drax

ADJA Members Win Big at Atlantic City!

We are so excited to see the advancement of ADJA members as they lead the industry.  This year in Atlantic City at The DJExpo’s “DJ of the Year” contest, we were able to see to solid ADJA members walk away big.  Darryl “Jake” Jacobsen walked away with Game of the Year. This game was solid. No goofy ring toss. Jake took a simple sketching game, flipped it around and made it an incredibly high energy game, yet it was so simple in nature. A quality game that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to do at your next event.

Then to really wrap the night ADJA Chicago member Jazmine Gonzalez walked away with the coveted top honor of “DJ of The Year”. This is actually Jazmine’s second time to walk out with the victor’s crown at the DJ of The Year contest. That says something right there for her innovative, creative entertainment ideas.

This year she demonstrated a high energy, innovative dance routine, that really connected to the audience. She worked the floor like a master, getting one side of the room then the other raising the roof off of the Casbah. Congrats to awesome ADJA members. When you see them give them a High Five. We are pleased to see that more ADJA members are viewed as the top performers by their peers than members of any other organization.

by Drax

ADJA Wins Nace Partner of the Year!

At the recent NACE Experience in Chicago, Their annual National convention. The American Disc Jockey Association was honored & recognized as the NACE Partner of the Year for 2012.  This is a very prestigious award that recognizes the work that ADJA does with NACE. NACE AWARDDr. Drax commented that “We were excited & completely surprised to win this award over so many other major NACE supporters. We are gratified that our message is being heard.”

For several years the ADJA has led the way for DJs as the ONLY trade association there to influence caterers & other event professionals about the importance of quality DJs at events that they are connected with.

For many years the ADJA has not only demonstrated this by providing High calibers of entertainment at many NACE functions but we have also provided seminar facilitators that moderated their educational programs. This gave them a first hand look at what a professional DJ can do with only a mic.

A few years back the Foundation of NACE asked the ADJA to help them improve & build their foundations signature event at the conference.  It is an event that helps NACE to raise thousands of dollars for their scholarship programs.  ADJA jumped in with both feet & this year was no exception.  We have continued to increase the event & subequently the revenue generated for the Foundation.

We are excited to work with them again in 2014 as their Endowment partner.  Through the efforts of so many of our members we are showing other event professionals that if you want great entertainment, you want to use and recommend ADJA members as the DJ.

by Drax

ADJA Set to Rock The NACE Experience in Chicago

Once again the ADJA shows leadership & will be the only trade association there to represent DJs to NACE members.  We will be providing talent at several events & Dr. Drax has even been asked to participate in the production of the famed NACE Gala Awards.  ADJA also saves it’s members nearly $200 on Nace membership.  Once again, The ADJA leads the way.

by Drax

Team Building Activities That Can Make Your Wedding Day Perfect


Once upon a time, the only ingredients you needed for a perfect wedding day were a nice dress, a good suit, some Bucks Fizz and (if you were really lucky) a glimpse of the summer sun.

In the past 20 years however weddings have had something of an overhaul and everyone from celebrities to the average couple is pulling out all the stops to make their big day something to behold and remember.

Whilst some include evening entertainment, singing waiters or fantastical menus and styling to wow their guests, the smart brides and grooms are realising that all they need to make their day go with a bang is to bring the guests together – and they’re looking to businesses to see how to do it!

Joining together

Weddings are of course as focused on the joining of two families as much as they are about the joining together of two people and in some cases this is very easy and natural. However, in the case that the families are large, don’t all live in the same area or simply haven’t had the time or opportunity to meet and form a bond, it can take some time for the relationship between the clans to emerge.

With that in mind, many couples seek out activities which will not only entertain their guests but will also help to initiate that bond; in simple terms – modern couples plan teambuilding activities for their wedding guests.

Given the simplicity of the idea, it’s a shock that the idea isn’t more popular – using traditional teambuilding initiatives to bond two families at a huge event!

What to do?

Of course, when planning their group bonding exercises, many business managers take into account a number of factors, such as the age and interests of their group, the budget and the amount of time they can allocate to the activity.

At a wedding all of these factors become more important. Weddings are costly enough to begin with without adding a bank-breaking afternoon activity to the pot and additionally, as essential as the bonding is, it shouldn’t come at the expense of the couple being allowed to enjoy themselves and having the chance to spend time with their guests.

With that in mind, there are a number of activities that can act as perfect ice-breakers without taking over the whole of the special day.

Why not start small with introduction games over the dining table. Although some couples do deviate from the traditional Wedding Breakfast, it does still form a large part of many nuptials, and the guests could have an enormous amount of fun getting to know their fellow revellers with introduction games, mini-quizzes and even raffles.

For the couple that are thinking a little bigger though there are garden games such as Giant Jenga, Chequers, and Chess, It’s a Knockout or even Hide and Seek on a mass scale.

However, if you’re thinking that huge is better, why not pull out all the stops and either organise, or hire a specialist to set up a giant task for you? You could have guests orienteer to the reception venue, set up a treasure hunt with teams competing against each other to find something essential for your reception or set your guests to work building a structure and awarding the best team with first go at the evening buffet!

This guest article was written by Accomplished Events, a UK team building company.